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Mini Cake Unique Design

Mini Cake Unique Design

“Freshness of Radu Solovastru’s works is probably the most pregnant feature of his mature oeuvre.


After years of virtuously restraining his artistic means, each or his works stands for the pretext of a genuinely-candid and deliciously-perverse wonder that makes possible the representation of reality and of life paradoxes.


The artist from Cluj (Romania) trusts fervently drawings magic power to render quickly the sensuous savoury of the visible world.


In a fully assumed manner characterized by naive accents and a flavour of aristocratic superiority, he is one of the strong creators reminding us about beauty’s complexity and inviting us not to hurry when drawing, in a simplistic and boorish way, the line between refinement and perversity.”


– Conf. Dr. Bogdan Iacob,
Critic de artă/Curator



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